The Network

The action contributes to the National Policy Framework for Community Arts Centres developed in consultation with the Dept. of Arts and Culture in 2004. It was based on a White Paper on Arts, Culture and Heritage issued in 1996. Here it was highlighted that Community Arts Centres were important tools in promoting participation in arts and culture for all citizens, also in disadvantaged and rural communities. A Task Team under the Department of Arts and Culture was established in 2007 that developed a plan to roll out Community Arts centres all over the country. It was proposed that a Lead Organization should be appointed in each province to support the establishment and managing of these centres, especially in disadvantaged communities. GOMACC is the Lead organization in Gauteng province and a partner in this action to assist the establishment of the Youth Clubs in townships by training the youth coordinators.

The key stakeholders in this project are the youth of the targeted areas. HPP-SA has consulted with them continuously through their work with them at their 4 Youth in Action Centres. HPP-SA’s interaction with the youth has included conversations with youth staff members and focus group meetings with youth regarding youth-targeting projects. In all of these interactions, the young people declared their interest in playing a greater role in the development of their communities and in creating links between themselves and decision-makers. In Gauteng, HPP-SA is member of GOMACC (Gauteng Organization of Community Arts and Culture Centres), whose objective is to promote arts and culture in disadvantaged communities. GOMACC partners in the action by training Youth Coordinators and Youth Club Leaders. In Durban, the HYIA center is based at the M.A. Motala Educational Centre which targets vulnerable youths. The centre recruits participants from the surrounding schools/communities.

The project stakeholder team includes the youth as well as the applicant FPP, the implementing partner HPP-SA, partner in training, advocacy, and empowerment GOMACC, and the University of Girona, the partner in capacity building, sharing experiences, fortifying networks, and creating a usable tool at the project’s conclusion. In addition, the stakeholder team includes the Department of Arts and Culture and other government departments and youth organizations. The stakeholders hold regular meetings to ascertain the progress of the project. They will participate in the Youth Conference and events to facilitate linkages with youth.



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