Fundacion Pueblo para Pueblo


FundaciĆ³n Pueblo para Pueblo



The applicant FundaciĆ³n Pueblo para Pueblo (FPP) has extensive experience monitoring and evaluating of large development projects in southern Africa and around the world. In addition, FPP has a wide range of project experiences for youth empowerment projects: training young people from Europe to promote development in the North and work in development projects in the South, working with partners to train young teachers in Angola and Mozambique, and empowering young people with marketable skills to build their employability in Guinea-Bissau. FPP also has experience in promoting gender equality in Angola and Mozambique. In its role as monitor and capacity builder of its South African partner, FPP brings a wealth of experience from other countries in their work with empowering youth. FPP also has extensive experience in monitoring large projects in Africa and elsewhere and is adept at monitoring and evaluating ongoing projects.

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